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Shining Lotus Classes and Workshops

*Due to limited space, all classes require preregistration to join!

*To register, contact us at: Shininglotusyoga@gmail.com Tel. (920) 287-7302

*All classes to be held at Shining Lotus Yoga and Wellness unless otherwise specified.

*Please check back often, as we are constantly adding fun, innovative classes!

2018 Classes and Workshops


Creating your personal goal book for 2018 - 2018 is your year! Join Jessica Van Derven, business coach and consultant, for a two-hour workshop where you will take the first steps in manifesting all that you want to be, do, and experience in the next 12 months. In the workshop you will create your very own personal goal book that will propel you forward with intention, purpose and positivity. You will leave the workshop expecting and knowing that great things are ahead for you! All suplies included! January 19, 2018 – 1:00 – 3:00pm Cost $35

February 2018

Numerology 101 Do you have a favorite number? Do you look at the clock and frequently see 11:11 or 12:12? Do you have a birth date? If you answer yes to any of these questions and are curious to learn more, join Elise Cantrell, author and teacher, and Jessica Van Derven, business coach and consultant, for a two-hour discussion and workshop about Numerology. In the workshop, you will learn about the language of numbers and what it can reveal about your life, the challenges you face and the things that come naturally for you. Not only is numerology fun, but it is also a tool you can use to achieve greater insights into the world around you. Bring a journal and pencil. No major math skills required. Friday, February 9, 2018 1:00 – 3:00pm Cost $35

Afternoon with the Angels A St. Valentine's Day blessing,with Elise Cantrell and Susan Reis, angel communicators. Elise connects to the angels telepathically and Susan connects through song. Bring your questions for the angels, and get personalized and group messages from the angels from Elise and susan. Everyone will get their own angel song from Susan, and Elise will answer your specific angel questions. Wednesday, Feb 14, 1-3pm, Cost $35.

Neurosculpting: Dealing Effectively with Stressful Change with Dr. Connie Woythal, PsyD, Change is the only constant, and for most of us change - even change we want in our lives - is stressful! Our basic sense of safety relies on our ability to predict our future's outcomes, but when our predictions are challenged by change the brain easily and quickly resorts to stress and fear. Join Dr. Connie in this introductory class where you'll learn about this dynamic and go on two guided Neurosculpting® meditations in which you'll rewrite your own relationship to change and uncertainty. No experience necessary. Tuesday, February 20,1-3pm Cost $35

Restorative Yoga for the Chakras: Restore your chakras with Elise Edmonds Cantrell. Class composed of restorative poses for each of the 7 chakras accompanied by the corresponding essential oil and singing bowl attuned to the specific chakra. This class will provide an "energy bath" for the chakras to clear, balance and harmonize the energy centers to their purest frequency and vibration. Poses are completely supported by blankets, cushions, blocks and bolsters. Like tuning an instrument you will come away with mind, body and chakras reattuned to their optimal state of being. Thursday, February 22, 10:30-noon. Cost $20.

March 2018

Reiki Level 3- Master Attunement and Certification with reiki masters Elise Cantrell and Jessica Van Derven This course is designed for Reiki practitioners who have a desire to deepen their practice and become a Reiki Master. In the session, you will learn Reiki breathing techniques, the Reiki master symbols, how to deliver Reiki attunements and additional hands-on practice and guidance for starting your own Reiki practice. Prerequisites include Reiki 1 and 2 and at least 25 hours of Reiki practice. Certification awarded at the end of the training. Friday Mar 23, 10am-3pm. Cost $275.

Spring Clean your Mind with Yoga Nidra with Jessica Kohn, RYT 500. Nidra is Sanskrit for wakeful sleep. It is an ancient practice which systematically induces mental, physical, and emotional relaxation. You will be fully propped in a comfortable shavasana, then we move into a guided meditation to relax your body and mind. This allows you to find the yoga nidra conscious dream state. You will be relaxed, refreshed, and revived. All levels welcome! Wed. March 22, 11-12. Cost $15

Spring Solstace: Amp up your spring with Positive Energy with Elise Cantrell, we will be clearing away negativity, and charging our positive energy with singing bowls, smudging, essential oils, stones and crystals. We will do some Access Consciousness energy clearnings, and then make and take 3 positive energy natural products: a negativity clearing/positive energy spray for body, one for rooms and a negativity dissolving-positive vibe bath soak using essential oils, stones, crystals and other natural ingredients to purify, cleanse and clear body, mind, aura and home/office space. All supplies included! Wednesday, March 22, 1-3pm, Cost $40

Neurosculpting® A New Relationship to Money and Abundance with Dr. Connie Woythal, PsyD Money is far more than currency. For most of us money represents freedom, choice, power, comfort, and status. We use words like worth and value when discussing money, words that can easily come to represent beliefs we hold about ourselves. We have an intimate, energetic, and psychological relationship with money – our own money paradigm. But like any relationship, our involvement with money can become dysfunctional and codependent. Money must serve what is most important in our own lives, but our lives should not serve money. Join Dr. Connie in this introductory class where you'll explore your own energetic relationship to money and how you can shift it to better serve your life. We will go on two guided Neurosculpting® meditations in which you'll rewrite your own money paradigm. No experience necessary. Tuesday, March 20, 1-3pm Cost $35

Discover the Oracle Within with Elise Cantrell Tap into your inner wisdom and highest self and use your intuition do your own oracle readings with the help of divine guidance, your angels and guides. We will practice giving readings to each other. Feel free to bring your own favorite card decks or use the ones we have here. Come away armed with wisdom and advice from multiple readings from other attendees, and gian confidence to use your inner guidance system for yourself and your friends. Friday, March 30, 1-3pm. Cost $35

April 2018

Neurosculpting® for Stress and Anxiety Relief with Dr. Connie Woythal, PsyDHow does a healthy brain handle stress? It responds in the moment, then safely releases the emotional energy—yet modern life confronts us with new forms of stress, fear, and worry that often confuse and overload our natural coping instincts. Neurosculpting for Stress and Anxiety Relief provides essential practices for retraining your brain to deal with stress and anxiety in healthy ways. Scan the body to reveal the sources of stress and release stagnant energy. Defuse the charged emotions around stressful situations. Change habitual "scripts" so you can consciously choose how you react to stress. Access your inner healing resources to become more flexible, creative, and joyful. It's easy to tell ourselves that we shouldn't worry or stress out, but without the right tools it's easier said than done. No experience necessary. April 10, 1-3pm, cost $35

*Private Yoga, Ayurveda health consultations, Access Consciousness BARS, Reiki, and Angel Readings are available by appointment for $75/hour.